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Resort Manager

Resort Manager is the complete integrated package of all the Resort Manager’s hotel property management system. Providing essential Front Desk, Reservations and Point of Sales modules together with Finance and Inventory Control modules (plus more), Resort Manager is the complete and comprehensive system ideal for medium to larger hotels and boutique villas.

Resort Manager contains all the modules for :

Front Desk
Front Desk
Room Status
Room Status
Guest Relations
Guest Relations
Point of Sales
Back Office
Back Office
Inventory Control
Inventory Control

Resort Manager operates on a multi-currency, multi-lingual multi-user basis, and all hotel management system are fully integrated. This means that errors in data entry are cut out and efficiency is increased across your business. You can see below the hotel management system features. 


Front Desk

Resort Manager_Front Desk

The Front Desk module covers all general front desk operations: walk-in bookings, guests in-house, task reminders, and telephone directories. It also contains the Night Audit Wizard to simplify closing the end of day’s business transactions and start the system on a new business day. This is a good benefit for having a property management system. 

All these operations have pre-set selections, usually assigned by a manager and controlled by the Settings tools.


Resort Manager_Reservation

The Reservations module covers everything that happens before the guest arrives: bookings, guest records, room allocation, special requests etc.

There is a custom filter Room Calendar feature which also allows rapid ‘room optimisation’ to be performed. Availability function provides Front Desk staff with all the information they require about upcoming room availability, including rates and special discount periods. In conclusion, purpose of hotel reservation system is to keep on track on every movement.

Room Status: Housekeeping

Resort Manager_Room Status

The Room Status module displays a grid of all the hotel rooms. This enables Housekeeping to view the status of each room at a glance. Basically. the status of each room can be quickly adjusted by a drop down menu or, for the common housekeeping tasks, through a ‘click’ button action.

Guest Relations

Resort Manager_Guest Relations

The Guest Relations module contains a complete record of all hotel guests whether they have stayed in-house or used the resort facilities.

Point of Sales (PoS)

Resort Manager_POS

The Point of Sales module is the back bone of all the Resort Manager packages. It is designed for use in restaurants, bars, night clubs and shops – anywhere cash, credit or account sales are made. The menu bar for the PoS Client can be seen above. When set up most of the repetitive day-to-day business processes can be automatically performed by the Resort Manager system.

This highly versatile module substantially reduces any margin for human error and covers multiple service outlets. It is easy to operate and functions in whatever language or currency is required.


Resort Manager_Excel

Detailed and accurate daily and retrospective reports are essential for the financial management and advancement of any business. Resort Management manages and distributes reports as often as required. Reports can be filtered for specific examination of details. All reports are printable or distributed appropriately through authorised emails.

Back Office

Resort Manager_Back Office

The Back Office Settings option of the Finance module is where the business financial settings are created, viewed and edited throughout the Resort Manager system.

Finance: General Ledger

Resort Manager_Finance Ledger

The Finance or General Ledger section of the Resort Manager is based on double-entry bookkeeping. When set up the Finance system automatically defines and manages all business transactions. The system simplifies the correct input of transactions and vastly reduces any margin for human error. It serves as the hotel accounting system. 

All financial hotel transactions for the business will appear in the General Ledger for the Finance department to check and control. The system automatically generates a number of Management Reports for the Finance department to use for detailed analysis and planning.

Finance: Accounts Payable and Receivable

Resort Manager_Accounts Receivables & Payable

Accounts are the monies paid out by a business: Accounts Payable (A/P), and the monies paid into a business: Accounts Receivable (A/R).

Vendors (A/P), and Customers (A/R) make up the Accounts module. Both Vendors (A/R) and Customers (A/P) contain the same basic details and have the same basic functions. The exception being that Customers (A/R) also contains a tool to create and locate Quotations. This is not needed in Vendors (A/P) because quotations are handled as part of the Purchasing process.

Inventory Control: Stock

Resort Manager_Inventory Control Stock

Stock Items contains all materials and products (perishable and non-perishable) purchased by a business and taken into store to be held until required.

There is a financial implication to the control and management of all stock items as costs and assets. In order for a business to run efficiently stock control must be carefully managed and monitored. The Resort Manager Stock module automates much of the stock control work to maintain accurate stock control.

Before any purchase is made, a stock record card for the item must be created. The importance of inventory control in hotels is for tracking purposes. It can also used in Point of Sales Recipes to calculate the cost of products sold.

* There is an addition feature available for when a ‘Direct Purchase’ is made, e.g. someone goes directly to a store to buy something for immediate use.

Inventory Control: Purchasing

Resort Manager_Inventory Control Purchasing

Purchasing refers to the business process of acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of the business.

The normal business model for purchasing goods and services is initiated by creating a Purchase Request. Once the Purchase Request is approved a Purchase Order can be created which will then undergo a further approval process. This whole process is managed through the Resort Manager system.

An additional streamline process is available for the purchasing of perishable and fast-moving goods in daily use by the F&B Departments, through the Market List process.

And for instances when a member of staff needs to go directly to a store to buy some item, the Direct Purchase process can be used.