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Resort Manager Lite

Resort Manager Lite is the basic version of the Resort Manager system – in other words, the ‘Lite’ or cut down version of the full Resort Manager suite.

Basically this will provide basic hotel operations essentials like Front Desk, Reservations and Point of Sales modules (and more. Resort Manager Lite is an effective system ideal for smaller hotels and rental villas just discovering the advantages of a computerized system to run their business.

Resort Manager Lite hotel management system contains modules for

Front Desk
Front Desk
Room Status
Room Status (Housekeeping)
Guest Relations
Guest Relations
Point of Sales

Resort Manager Lite operates on a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-user basis with all modules fully integrated. This means that errors in data entry are cut out and efficiency is increased across your business.

Front Desk

Resort Manager_Front Desk

The Front Desk module covers all general front desk operations: walk-in bookings, guests in-house, task reminders, and telephone directories. It also contains the Night Audit Wizard to simplify closing the end of day’s business transactions and start the system on a new business day.

Also, all these front office services have pre-set selections, usually assigned by a manager and controlled by the Settings tools.


Resort Manager_Reservation

The Reservations in Resort Manager Lite module covers everything that happens before the guest arrives. Whereas the bookings, guest records, room allocation, special requests etc.

There is a custom filter Room Calendar feature which also allows rapid ‘room optimization’ to be performed. Availability function provides Front Desk staff with all the information they require about upcoming room availability, including rates and special discount periods. One of the of the advanatages of having hotel reservation system. 

Room Status: Housekeeping

Resort Manager_Room Status

The Room Status module displays a grid of all the hotel rooms. This enables Housekeeping to view the status of each room at a glance. Basically, the status of each room can be quickly adjusted by a drop down menu or, for the common housekeeping tasks, through a ‘click’ button action.

Guest Relations

Resort Manager_Guest Relations

The Guest Relations in Resort Manager Lite module contains a complete record of all hotel guests whether they have stayed in-house or used the resort facilities.

Point of Sales (PoS)

Resort Manager_POS

The PoS module is the back bone of all the Resort Manager packages. It is designed for use in restaurants, bars, night clubs and shops – anywhere cash, credit or account sales are made. The menu bar for the PoS Client can be seen above. Certainly, when set up most of the repetitive day-to-day business processes can be automatically performed by the Resort Manager system.

This highly versatile module substantially reduces any margin for human error and covers multiple service outlets. It is easy to operate and functions in whatever language or currency is required.


Resort Manager_Excel

Detailed and accurate daily and retrospective reports are essential for the financial management and advancement of any business. Resort Management manages and distributes reports as often as required. Reports can be filtered for specific examination of details. Moreover, all reports are printable or distributed appropriately through authorized emails.