Resort Manager Add-Ons

Resort Manager makes use of a core system, either Resort Manager or Resort Manager Lite, and then enables the property to select any number of Resort Manager Add-ons to fulfil the additional tasks that are necessary to run your hotel at peak efficiency.

This is done to ensure that Resort Manager is highly customisable to meet the requirements of the hotel while also keeping the overall cost as low as possible.


Channel Manager Interface

The channel manager in hotel property management software manages and optimises the distribution of room inventory across various online travel agents (OTAs), booking platforms, and other distribution channels.

The channel manager, which functions as a centralised hub, interfaces with the Resort Manager to synchronise real-time information about room availability, pricing, and reservations across numerous channels.

This automation not only reduces the danger of overbooking or multiple bookings, but it also enables hoteliers to adjust pricing and promotions based on demand and market conditions.

The channel manager automates the process of adjusting pricing and availability across all online channels, maximising revenue potential and improving the hotel’s online exposure and competitiveness in the dynamic and fast-paced hospitality market.

Channel Manager

PABX Interface (Telephone)

The PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) interface module in a hotel property management software (PMS) integrates and manages communication between Resort Manager and the hotel telephone system.

This interface enables the hotel to automate a variety of telephony-related operations, such as call billing, room status updates depending on phone usage, and the activation of guest services via the telephone system.

The hotel can increase operational efficiency, boost guest service response, and automate billing processes linked to in-room phone usage by connecting the PMS to the PABX system.

Pabx Interface

Electronic Key / Lock Interface

By smoothly linking Resort Manager with the electronic key card systems used in hotel door locks, the Electronic Key Lock Interface module in a hotel property management software (PMS) plays a critical role in boosting security and operating efficiency.

This interface allows for real-time communication between the PMS and the electronic key lock system, enabling automated and secure guest room access management.

The module enables functions such as encoding electronic key cards with guest information, key activation and deactivation based on check-in and check-out status, and key usage data logging.

The interface module, by assuring synchronisation between the PMS and electronic key lock systems, accelerates the guest check-in process, improves security measures, and gives extensive insights into room access activities, all of which contribute to a safer and more effective hotel operation.

Electronic Lock

Customer Relations Management Interface

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) interface module in Resort Manager hotel property management software (PMS) acts as a critical link between the PMS and the hotel’s CRM system, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to guest interactions and relationship building.

This link facilitates the easy transmission of data between the PMS and CRM regarding visitor preferences, behaviours, and histories.

The CRM interface module provides the hotel team with access to vital visitor information such as prior stays, special requests, and preferences.

The module improves guest happiness, loyalty, and engagement by keeping a consistent perspective on guest interactions across departments.

It enables the hotel to personalise its services, promotions, and communication strategies based on individual guest profiles, resulting in a more personalised and favourable guest experience.

Crm Interface

Guest Internet Access Control Interface

The Guest Internet Access Control Interface module in Resort Manager hotel property management software (PMS) manages and controls guest internet access within the hotel grounds.

This interface connects the property management system (PMS) to the hotel’s internet access control system, enabling smooth coordination of guest Wi-Fi services.

The module allows the property management system to automate the provisioning and deactivation of internet connections for visitors based on their check-in and check-out status.

By connecting the PMS to the internet access control system, the module streamlines guest connectivity management, improves security measures, and enables the hotel to offer flexible internet services adapted to visitor demands, all of which contribute to higher overall guest satisfaction.

Internet Access

Remote Access to Resort Manager

Allowing authorised people to access and manage crucial hotel operations from any location with an internet connection is a critical approach in modern hospitality management.

Hotel staff members, including managers and administrators, can use this feature to remotely monitor real-time data, make reservations, check room availability, and manage guest profiles.

Remote access to the PMS improves operational flexibility, speeds decision-making, and promotes effective communication across departments.

Furthermore, it allows hoteliers to respond quickly to changing conditions, answer client inquiries, and handle reservations even when they are not physically present on site.

Overall, remote access to the PMS improves hotel management’s agility and response, ultimately improving the guest experience and operational effectiveness.

Remote Access

Currency Exchange Rate Interface

Resort Manager hotel property management software (PMS)’s Currency Exchange Rate Interface is critical for providing real-time and precise currency conversion for financial activities within the hotel.

This module combines the PMS with currency exchange rate systems, delivering up-to-date exchange rate information.

The interface maintains consistency and precision in financial activities, such as room rates, invoicing, and other guest services, by automatically updating rates.

This feature is especially significant in hotels with an international clientele since it allows for seamless and transparent currency changes, which improves guest happiness and financial correctness.

The currency exchange rate interface assists hotels in successfully managing different transactions by offering a dependable framework for dealing with multiple currencies and contributing to the overall financial integrity of the hotel operation.

Currency Exchange Rate

Housekeeping Mobile App

In Resort Manager hotel property management software (PMS), a mobile app for the housekeeping and maintenance departments serves the critical aim of improving operational efficiency and communication among staff members.

This tool enables housekeeping and maintenance workers to access real-time information, update room status, and report issues from their mobile devices.

Housekeeping staff can receive and update room cleaning assignments, and maintenance people can respond and document repair requests in a timely manner.

The software automates job management, shortens response times, and ensures that updates to the central PMS are accurate and timely.

By implementing a mobile solution, the housekeeping and maintenance departments can collaborate and respond to guest demands more quickly, resulting in a more smooth and gratifying guest experience.

Housekeeping Mobile App

Point of Sales Mobile App

A mobile app for the Resort Manager hotel property management software (PMS) point-of-sale (POS) system acts as a versatile tool to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the hotel’s sales operations.

This programme enables hotel employees to conduct transactions and manage orders directly from their mobile devices in departments such as restaurants, bars, and gift shops.

The mobile POS application offers seamless and real-time updates to the central PMS, whether taking orders tableside in a restaurant or facilitating transactions at various points of service around the hotel.  This not only speeds up the sales process but also ensures precise and integrated revenue data recording.

The app adds to a more agile and responsive sales environment by allowing workers to use mobile devices for POS transactions, thereby increasing guest service and operational effectiveness within the hotel.

Point Of Sales Mobile