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Resort Manager integrado software Los módulos son la creación de Little Fish Technologies (LFT). Led by a western management team and based in Thailand and Indonesia, LFT is a highly professional and experienced company. Significantly, it specialises in providing bespoke technology-based solutions for the hospitality industry sectors throughout Asia.

LFT has a proven track record of over twenty years’ experience in Asia. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have built and has maintained over that period with different companies.  We encourage strategic partnerships with our clients by providing total solutions for both our clients’ immediate and long-term requirements. 

Principios de misión


We value all our clients and understand that a good working relationship is based on trust.  We strive to set up strategic alliances and partnerships with our clients.  In conclusion, it’s by providing solutions for client’s immediate and longer-term requirements.


We use proven international methodologies in all aspects of our business.  It includes Summit D and Prince 2 for project management to ensure we deliver what is promised.


We have many years’ experience in designing and installing office and hotel IT infrastructures.  Moreover, our systems and solutions are fully documented including, when appropriate, online help facilities in the client’s native language.


As a dedicated solutions and service provider we work with clients to ensure and maintain beneficial impact on their operational effectiveness.