Resort Manager Lite

Resort Manager Lite is the basic version of the Resort Manager system – in other words, the ‘Lite’ or cut down version of the full Resort Manager suite.

Providing essential Front Desk, Reservations and Point of Sales modules (and more), Resort Manager Lite is a simple but effective system ideal for smaller hotels and rental villas just discovering the advantages of using a computerised system to run their business.

Resort Manager Lite contains modules for:

Resort Manager Lite operates on a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-user basis with all modules fully integrated. This means that errors in data entry are cut out and efficiency is increased across your business.

Front Desk

Front Desk menu bar

The Front Desk module covers all general front desk operations: walk-in bookings, guests in-house, task reminders, and telephone directories. It also contains the Night Audit Wizard to simplify closing the end of day's business transactions and start the system on a new business day.

All these operations have pre-set selections, usually assigned by a manager and controlled by the Settings tools.

Walk-in guests are generally booked in at Front Desk. The Check-In Wizard feature guides the operator through all the necessary stages to book in the unexpected guest(s).

The Check-In Wizard ensures:

• availability of the requested room type for the requested duration stay

• allocation of a suitable, clean room


The Guest In-house section of the Front Desk module covers all guests staying the resort as well as their desk folios.

All guests, groups and visitor (desk) folios are easily accessible.

Easy to view check-in and check-out dates, along with the running balance of the folio charges.

An easy search feature allows the operator to enter all or part of a guest name to bring up details of their room and check-in and check out dates.

Front Desk staff can quickly determine which room to direct calls to or leave messages for, if required.


Night Audit transitions the system from today to tomorrow and is performed every night, usually after all late night hotel outlets have closed, e.g. night clubs, bars etc. and all guests due have arrived and checked in. Once completed the Audit Date (or system date) rolls over to the next day.

The RM Night Audit Wizard guides the operator through quick stages to ensure that all checks have been made.

Completion of the Night Audit can be done in less than a minute.


Busy Front Desk staff can be swamped by guests' requests, administrative duties and incoming phone calls. Quickly written notes can be easily mislaid and overlooked by the next shift.

The Tasks feature centralises all the To-Do Tasks so that all staff can check at a glance what is outstanding and needs immediate attention. Opening up any entry gives further details of the task: who the task was set by and allocated to, as well as the progress of completion.

The Search function performs a search on the entire hotel system: reservations, folios, and groups. A search can also be performed on future bookings, last year's bookings or any date required.

Cancelled bookings can also be re-opened through Search, if the booking is for today's date.



Reservations menu bar

The Reservations module covers everything that happens before the guest arrives: bookings, guest records, room allocation, special requests etc.

There is a custom filter Room Calendar feature which also allows rapid 'room optimisation' to be performed. The Availability function provides Front Desk staff with all the information they require about upcoming room availability, including rates and special discount periods.

Reservation forms are either automatically generated through OTA (Online Travel Agent) bookings or can be manually completed from other sources.

Returning guests are automatically detected, past stays and details can be viewed and auto-filled.

Availability of requested room type and allocation of a room.

Specific guest requests, notes and additional inventory items all handled.

The receiving, recording and managing of reservations. The Reservations feature contains a list of all the existing and cancelled reservations in the system. From Reservations it is possible to perform further actions such as: making new reservations, checking in guests, cancelling reservations, printing guest Check-In forms and issuing standard email letters for guests.

The Reservations feature contains multiple modes of search and filter to allow the operator to access reservation information under multiple categories.

Group bookings require slightly different handling and the Resort Manager Groups feature ensures that necessary details are entered and recorded.

The Room Calendar displays every booking that has been taken and to which a room has been assigned.

Rooms are colour coded and can be further filtered by amenities.

For boutique resorts and hotels with limited rooms/villas (less than one hundred) it is highly advisable to allocate rooms immediately on booking to ensure availability and avoid moving guests from room to room. The Room Calendar feature provides quick and easy viewing of occupancy and booking status, and allows easy to perform room optimisation for maximum use of the hotel's room resources.

The Availability chart shows the current and future availability of rooms in the hotel and also the current percentage occupancy rate by date. This feature is for viewing and is extremely useful when answering telephone enquires about availability and room rates.

Hover cursor over any room for a future date and a box opens displaying all applicable rates and minimum nights' stay.

The bottom section of the Availability box shows Inventory Items. These are items of which the hotel has only a limited stock and that can be booked in advance. The operator can use this feature to quickly the check the availability of these items for a particular booking date(s).

All the Reservations, Front Office, General, Housekeeping and Telephone Operator selection options are controlled by the Settings tool.

There is a record for every room in the resort and records contain details regarding the room, including ownership and amenities.

Room rates are set dependent on several factors: the Room Type, the Rate Plan and the dates for the bookings. These can be overridden when necessary.

The Folio Item Maintenance tool creates complete lists of commonly used guest services, such as laundry lists, mini-bar contents, tour packages, spa etc. This guarantees the billing process is standardised and contains prices, service charges, applicable taxes, availability and correct revenue codes.

The GDS (Global Distribution System) provides a real-time connection between the RM system and thousands of Online Travel Agents (OTAs). Hotel updates on availability, rates etc. are sent to the GDS at regular intervals and automatically updated on all OTA sites. When bookings are made through an OTA, the GDS automatically creates a booking in the hotel reservation system. (Add-on module)


Room Status: Housekeeping

Room Status and Housekeeping menu bar

The Room Status module displays a grid of all the hotel rooms. This enables Housekeeping to view the status of each room at a glance. The status of each room can be quickly adjusted by a drop down menu or, for the common housekeeping tasks, through a 'click' button action.

The Room Status module displays a visual grid of all the hotel rooms. Housekeeping can view:

• location details of each room

• the type of room

• occupying guest name, with check in and check-out dates

• the current, colour coded status of each room

• the date sheets and linens were last changed

Once a order for stock items has been delivered or collected, details are recorded and the stock levels adjusted.

Additionally, if a service has been requested, Order Receiving is also where a record of this completed service will be entered e.g. air-conditioner servicing. 

The Issue tool is used to manually issue stock. This is used for any stock item that is not going through the Point of Sales system but is nevertheless being used, e.g. items used in a buffet breakfast, housekeeping when stocking trolleys with mini shampoo to replenish guest bathrooms etc.

All stock items must have both a unit of purchase and units of issue. The options that can be selected on the Stock record form are defined here.

Within the Stock module there are a number of standard lists that values can be chosen from. In stock inventory for example, there may be two: Market List and Stock Category.

All stock items are usually audited on a regular basis. The RM system provides a customisable audit tool to expedite the process and guarantee all required stock items are included.

The Auditor Selector allows individual stock items and product categories to be filtered and selected for audit and prints 'blind' audit forms, i.e. the person performing the audit knows what items to count, but does not know how many items the system expects to be in stock.

Completed audit results are fed back into the system and any discrepancies can then be handled by categorising into appropriate causes, e.g. spoilage etc.


Guest Relations

Guest Relations

The Guest Relations module contains a complete record of all hotel guests whether they have stayed in-house or used the resort facilities.

There is a record for every hotel guest. This can be used for reference and to ensure a personalised hospitality service.

Along with the usual expected guest details are entry blocks for Comments, Likes and Dislikes and an alert check box.

There are also fields for Loyalty Numbers and a space to display a photograph of the guest to ensure recognition by the Front Desk staff.

There are menu buttons to open a detailed contact information form and demographics form, including entry for spouse with DOB for birthday reminders.

Prevent duplicate entries and corrections with Copy and Merge.

Select which guest details to include and which to ignore.

Export Guests is the power tool for marketing.

There are three fields, operators and values to include or exclude in the total hotel guest list to define the search.

There are check boxes to select which fields to output.

And a browse feature to assign the destination folder for the selected output.

Resorts may often wish to issue vouchers as part of a reward system, prizes for functions etc.

The Vouchers feature controls the issuing, cancelling and extending of vouchers.

The Info box at the end of each voucher line opens a box showing details, including when the voucher was used and by whom.

There are often occasions when immediate and direct purchase of a business item is required. Someone goes straight to a store to buy a stock item for immediate use; it is not practical or timely to go through the usual purchasing process.

A record of the purchase is made in the system through Purchasing: Direct Purchase and the expense of using the product is put directly against the department concerned. The items bought are not tracked through the Stock module.


Point of Sales (PoS)

Point of Sales

The PoS module is the back bone of all the Resort Manager packages. It is designed for use in restaurants, bars, night clubs and shops - anywhere cash, credit or account sales are made. The menu bar for the PoS Client can be seen above. When set up most of the repetitive day-to-day business processes can be automatically performed by the Resort Manager system.

This highly versatile module substantially reduces any margin for human error and covers multiple service outlets. It is easy to operate and functions in whatever language or currency is required.

A business often has multiple stations and outlets e.g., bars, restaurants, spas etc. and needs to define what products each of the stations can sell. A group menu is set up for each station ensuring the correct products are available for the station.

Categories can be added, deleted or de-activated. The list can be ordered for convenience.

Outlets can be added as required.

Product List Maintenance contains a list of all products in the Point of Sales system, detailing: product group, production description, cost and discounts, tax and much more.

Add a new product and enter all applicable details to manage the appearance, position, cost and discount controls of a new product. These settings determine how the Cashier will view and use the product on the Point of Sales (PoS) Cashier Registry screen.

An image of the product can be inserted to show up on the PoS terminal screen.

The Inventory tab can link to stock control, original unit price, mark-up percentage etc.

Use Product List Maintenance to define a product, and to manage and control all its details.

PoS Terminals can be easily added or deleted and each are allocated an individual name and assigned to an outlet.

User Interface and administrative setting for each terminal are applied here.

Fast Cash amounts and Pay In/Out Account Codes are also set.

Easily set up the commonly available item modifiers for a customer order.

Particularly useful when menu choices offer the customer multiple options to customise their order (build your own sandwich, pizza etc.)

Ensure that the correct additional cost is included, as well as service and tax if applicable.

There are many other useful tools and features built into the PoS system.

Kitchen messages allows the wait staff to add further explanatory text to the order. This would normally be done with hand written notes which may easily be misunderstood. A clear order from the customer to the kitchen prevents time consuming mistakes and bad feeling. Additional kitchen messages can be added to the system whenever required.

Set the Times tool for 'Happy Hours', 'Early Bird' dining discounts etc.

Close up the outlet end-of-day business with minimal fuss and paperwork with the End of Day Wizard.

The End of Day Wizard will guide the operator through the process ensuring that all invoices for the day have been closed and that all Terminals have been correctly logged out.




Detailed and accurate daily and retrospective reports are essential for the financial management and advancement of any business. Resort Management manages and distributes reports as often as required. Reports can be filtered for specific examination of details. All reports are printable or distributed appropriately through authorised emails.

The standard reports available for the PoS module are:

Sales Summary • Open Invoices • All Produced Invoices • Invoice Detail • Product Sales Report • Profitability • Shift Cash Analysis Report • Product Analysis Report • Docket Check by Folio • Docket Check Report • Sales by Classification • Sales Transaction by Account • Sales Transactions by Terminal / User • Shift Payment Summary • Product List Report • Voucher Status • Voids List • Entertainment / Office Summary • Invoice Discounts • Outlet Session Summary • PoS Recipe Card • PoS Sales with Modifiers • Sales Summary by PoS Times.


The standard reports available for the Forecasting section of the Hotel module are:

Monthly Room Availability • Monthly Room Usage • Guest Forecast • Room Availability • 3 Month Forecast


The standard reports available for the Front Desk section of the Hotel module are:

Guest In House II • Guest In House (no Notes) • Guest In House • Guest Arrivals • Guest Arrivals with Notes • Guest Departures • Notes - Front Desk • Notes - Finance • Notes - Housekeeping • Notes - F&B • Tasks Summary • Tasks (Next Month Open) • No Shows Summary • Inventory Items Summary • Housekeeping Associates Report • Folio Extra List • Miscellaneous Charges • Product Sales Report • Guest Departure List

The standard reports available for the Night Audit section of the Hotel module are:

Guest Ledger Summary • Voids Summary • Advance Deposits Summary • Shift Payment Summary • Posting Summary • Posting Summary by Product • Weekly Summary • Shift Report • Daily Room Recap • Day End Close • POS Consolidated Summary • Managers Flash • Telephone Call Register • Flash Resort Drill Down • Night Audit Ledger • Daily Revenue Summary

The standard reports available for the Reservations section of the Hotel module are:

Reservation Deposit Balances • Guest Arrivals, Departures and Stayovers • Daily Charges and Packages • Reservations by User • Guest Nationality • Reservation Summary • Business Source Summary • Daily Room Pickup • Guest History • Booking Activity • Cancellation • Cancellations Summary • Booking Summary • Deposits Summary • Pickup Details • Multi-Stay Guests

The standard reports available for the Purchasing section of the Inventory Control module are:

Purchase Requisition Order / Summary • Purchase Order Summary • Outstanding Orders Report