Point of Sales Lite

Point of Sales can be used with any computer running Windows Embedded Point of Sales (WEPOS) or Windows XP with the Microsoft Point of Service add-on. Point of Sales strictly adheres to OPOS (Object Linking and Embedding Point of Sales) standards.

The Resort Manager modular system is the ideal solution for restaurants, cafés, shops, and small to medium hotels. There are two PoS Manager options available depending on your business needs:

1) PoS Lite: a basic Point of Sales system
2) PoS Manager: manages the above Point of Sales system as well as Back Office, Finance (General Ledger • Accounts Payable & Receivable), Inventory Control (Purchasing & Stock)

 Point of Sales


The PoS Lite system is much more than a simple electronic cash register. When used in outlets such as restaurants or bars it will ring up orders, generate receipts and finalise purchases. The user-friendly graphic interface makes Resort Manager's PoS clear and visually pleasing for staff to use; ensuring that correct product charges, discounts, tax and service are applied every time. One-touch options make PoS Manager incredibly easy to use. The PoS Lite package contains not only the PoS module but also a Reporting module operating on the features available in the PoS module.

Resort Manager Cashier

There are three account types available with differing levels of system access but all requiring individual user names and passwords. This means that any given member of staff can only have role appropriate access to the PoS system, ensuring accurate records of all shift balances, sales and customers. PoS Client Help guides the user through setting up all account types and login usernames and passwords.

Point of Sales (PoS)

PoS menu bar

The PoS module is the back bone of all the Resort Manager packages. It is designed for use in restaurants, bars, night clubs and shops - anywhere cash, credit or account sales are made. The menu bar for the PoS Client can be seen above. When set up most of the repetitive day-to-day business processes can be automatically performed by the Resort Manager system.

This highly versatile module substantially reduces any margin for human error and covers multiple service outlets. It is easy to operate and functions in whatever language or currency is required.

A business often has multiple stations and outlets e.g., bars, restaurants, spas etc. and needs to define what products each of the stations can sell. A group menu is set up for each station ensuring the correct products are available for the station.

Categories can be added, deleted or de-activated. The list can be ordered for convenience.

Outlets can be added as required.

Product List Maintenance contains a list of all products in the Point of Sales system, detailing: product group, production description, cost and discounts, tax and much more.

Add a new product and enter all applicable details to manage the appearance, position, cost and discount controls of a new product. These settings determine how the Cashier will view and use the product on the Point of Sales (PoS) Cashier Registry screen.

An image of the product can be inserted to show up on the PoS terminal screen.

The Inventory tab can link to stock control, original unit price, mark-up percentage etc.

Use Product List Maintenance to define a product, and to manage and control all its details.

PoS Terminals can be easily added or deleted and each are allocated an individual name and assigned to an outlet.

User Interface and administrative setting for each terminal are applied here.

Fast Cash amounts and Pay In/Out Account Codes are also set.

Easily set up the commonly available item modifiers for a customer order.

Particularly useful when menu choices offer the customer multiple options to customise their order (build your own sandwich, pizza etc.)

Ensure that the correct additional cost is included, as well as service and tax if applicable.

There are many other useful tools and features built into the PoS system.

Kitchen messages allows the wait staff to add further explanatory text to the order. This would normally be done with hand written notes which may easily be misunderstood. A clear order from the customer to the kitchen prevents time consuming mistakes and ensures a satisfied customer. Additional kitchen messages can be added to the system whenever required.

Set the Times tool for 'Happy Hours', 'Early Bird' dining discounts etc.

Close up the outlet end-of-day business with minimal fuss and paperwork with the End of Day Wizard.

The End of Day Wizard will guide the operator through the process ensuring that all invoices for the day have been closed and that all Terminals have been correctly logged out.




All Resort Manager packages are bundled with a Reporting module to view, analyse and refine in order to better assess business needs and projections. All reports can be custom defined and printed.

The standard reports available for the PoS Lite package are: Sales Summary • Open Invoices • All Produced Invoices • Invoice Detail • Product Sales Report • Profitability • Shift Cash Analysis Report • Product Analysis Report • Docket Check by Folio • Docket Check Report • Sales by Classification • Sales Transaction by Account • Sales Transactions by Terminal / User • Shift Payment Summary • Product List Report • Voucher Status • Voids List • Entertainment / Office Summary • Invoice Discounts • Outlet Session Summary • PoS Recipe Card • PoS Sales with Modifiers • Sales Summary by PoS Times.

Sales Summary reports on all outlets in the Resort Manager system.

Reports are divided into business shifts and detail categories of sales, e.g. food, beverage etc.

Start and End Date ranges can be selected.

Invoice Detail Report lists the invoices issued for each day in the selected date range. The report can be select by outlet.

The product sold is listed along with the Category to which it belongs.

The invoice number can be seen with the name of the customer. Also number of items sold on each invoice and the price per item.

Any applicable Discount, Service and Tax is itemised as a break down of the total.

Date range and outlet can be selected and filtered as required.

Sales by Classification reports allow the user to see which class of products are selling in which outlets.

The report breaks sales down into operating shifts for each outlet.

Date range for analysis can be selected as required.

Product Sales Report allows the user to view the exact products sold.

The products are grouped in Categories.

The data includes the total number of items sold, the average unit price, and any applicable tax and service charges.

This is often a large report as each product is itemised. A Toggle Group Tree button allows the user to filter the report to quickly jump to the Group of products that require viewing.

Date range can be selected as required.

Shift Cash Analysis Report displays the cash transactions that have taken place within a business operating shift.

The transactions are grouped e.g. Point of Sales, Guest Folio, Complimentary etc.

The Toggle Group Tree button allows the user to quickly view and compare volume cash transactions on any date and shift within the selected date range.

Profitability Report displays the profit accumulated on the sale of each product.

The products are grouped by date and invoice number.

The quantity of the product sold is listed along with the original purchase price, the retail price, and any applicable discounts, tax and service.

The Resort Manager system lists the total invoice charged and calculates, a) the cash amount of profit, and b) the percentage profit margin.

The Toggle Tree button allows this data to be filtered by outlet, invoice and date.