Welcome to Resort Manager software suites, providing simple to use technology-based solutions for the smooth running of hospitality industry businesses all over Asia since August 2000. Trusted by five-star hotels and boutique resorts throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Seychelles, South Africa and the UK.

Resort Manager is a modular software system that provides a multi-currency, multi-lingual system with allowance for multiple users. Resort Manager is designed to support all management and commercial activities within the hotel or resort business environment. From an administrative perspective, this means that Resort Manager’s integrated computer systems keep your business running smoothly and stress free.

All modular solutions are upgradeable and expandable so the Resort Manager system can grow with your business needs.

Resort Manager

Resort Manager

Resort Manager is a premium one-stop solution that combines all the operational features needed to run your resort or hotel into one integrated system. Easy to use and customise, Resort Manager will make your business more efficient and profitable.

 Resort Manager Lite

Resort Manager Lite

Resort Manager Lite contains the essential Front Desk and Point of Sales modules. Ideal for smaller hotels and rental villas to run all daily operations, reservations, front desk, point of sales and much more with ease.

PoS Manager

PoS Manager

PoS Manager manages controls and reports your daily sales with extensive cashiering functions. As well as integrated Finance modules and Inventory Control. Any margin for human error becomes virtually non-existent and staff are freed up to concentrate on serving your customers. PoS Manager Lite allows for smaller businesses to begin with the cashiering and reporting functionality, and grow as required to the full PoS Manager product.

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  • Room Reservations
  • Journal Definitions
  • Standard Recipes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Product List Maintenance
  • Room Calendar
  • Item Modifiers
  • Room Status
  • Financial Transactions

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Automatic Foreign ExchangeResort Manager launches a new feature to provide automatic currency exchange rates. This option means that accounting staff no longer need to obtain and update currency rates manually in the RM system.

Any currency base can be used and pulled from the server whenever required - virtually real-time Forex. The rates are based on an amalgamation of rates derived from leading banks and finance houses around the world.

There is also an option to increase or decrease the provided rate by a percentage to allow its use as the hotel's book keeping rate.

Resort Manager, February 5th 2016

Time and money are the lifeblood of just about any industry and hoteliers will wholeheartedly agree that these are two precious resources that they cannot afford to waste. An efficient hotel management software can ensure this.

The constant buzz of activity and unpredictable arrival of guests means that managers are usually flooded all day with impromptu tasks, leaving very little time for managing the hotel’s other operations. A large amount of both time and money is often spent tending to human errors and repetitive tasks... (read full article)

Financial Express, January 5th 2016

More hospitality businesses opt for Resort Manager solutions...

New hospitality businesses appreciate the need for Property Management Software and want to ensure that their investment is effective, easy to use, trusted and value for money.

• The Chang Mai Riverside Hotel in Thailand is a new five star hotel. The full Resort Manager package was installed in November 2015.

• The Silver Palm is a new 90 room condotel in the process of installing the full Resort Manager package.

• The Pattaya Hotel is a new 90 room hotel with installation of the full Resort Manager package scheduled to start in February 2016.

• The new Bliss Ubon Rajathani Hotel is scheduled for the full Resort Manager installation in Summer 2016.


  • We replaced our existing PMS, which was one of the big three systems, with Resort Manager because we were extremely disappointed with the back-up support. What a breath of fresh air after all the problems we have had in the past three years! Resort Manager support is always just on the end of the phone to answer any questions from our staff.
    If there is a down side to this product I haven't found it yet.
    I must finish by mentioning the very competitive price; the best value for money we have spent since the day the hotel opened . .

  • We wanted an all embracing hotel management system at an affordable price. Our previous system was very good, but in needing to update a huge expenditure for both soft and hardware was required. Resort Manager was recommended by a respected colleague in the business and we opted for this. What is particularly good is that the system can be adapted to suit particular needs and this was done effectively. The training was very good and importantly, the follow-up sorting out of inevitable glitches was speedy and the ongoing support is excellent. There are a few minor things which could be developed, but overall, we are more than satisfied with the system.. Bryan Massingham, Owner/Manager Maekok River Village, Thailand Resort