The Resort Manager team recognises the importance of after-sales support and service to our customers.  It is critical for a business that its systems run at peak efficiency at all times.  Regardless of the circumstances or any unexpected events, our clients may be confident that assistance is on its way. It is our job to keep our clients’ systems up-to-date in order to keep their business operations safe.

All Resort Manager solutions come with a 12-month guarantee that includes unlimited support for any operating or software issues via a web-based problem reporting system.  Furthermore, the warranty covers the replacement or repair of any faulty hardware that we supply.

Following the initial 12-month period, we offer all of our customers a fixed-price support plan that ensures priority service on all systems. Support contract holders are also entitled to free updates.

After Sales Support
Resort Manager Installation Services

Installation & Training

Resort Manager provides free installation and training services with the purchase of any modular package.  This benefit is accessible for just the cost of any incurred travel expenditures.

Following that, there is the opportunity to receive additional training and system assessment services.